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О компании

At the present time, SGK-101M "Solar" stationary oxygen analyzer that is designed to measure the oxygen content in the exhaust gases of the fuel combustion plants has been developed and manufactured by our company and is already in operation at many enterprises of Kazakhstan.

We offer you the latest developments in the field of gas analysis for the industrial enterprises and environmental laboratories made of SIEMENS (Germany) components.

SGK - 509 stationary gas analysis complexes are designed and manufactured individually in accordance with the customer requirements and are intended to meet the challenges of the technical regulations of Kazakhstan "Requirements for emissions into the environment while burning the different kinds of fuel at CHP stations" in respect of atmospheric emissions of CO, CO2, NO, NO2, SO2, O2, as well as solid substances.

Our company is an official representative and service center of Promekopribor LLC and represents the POLAR series modern portable devices at the market of Kazakhstan that are used to measure the emissions in the exhaust gases and air of the working places and are applied in metallurgy, energy generation and other industries for the purpose of safety, environment protection and technology. Having the affordable cost, POLAR excels foreign and Russian counterparts in performance and reliability.

Having the entire technical base, we are ready to provide professional services in installation, maintenance, repair and periodic verification of the proposed equipment in the course of operation. We are able to service a variety of devices of various domestic and foreign manufacturers.

With years of relevant experience of our professionals, we are ready to give you advice and practical assistance on any technical, metrological and methodological issues related to your analytical equipment operation.

Hoping for cooperation, we will fully explore your needs and offer options for addressing them.

The entire range of our equipment is certified in the Republic of Kazakhstan and has all the required permitting documents.


Новости компании

Партнерские отношения с компанией Siemens (ENG)
Компания ТОО "Проманалит" и компанией "SIEMENS" вновь подтвердили партнерские отношения
Сертификат ISO 9001-2009 и OHSAS 18001-2008 (ENG)
Компания ТОО "Проманалит" получила сертификаты соответствия

Новости отрасли

8-ое Заседание Совета метрологов Республики Казахстан (ENG)
2 ноября 2015 года в г. Астана состоялось 8-ое заседание Совета метрологов Республики Казахстан, осуществляющего коллективную выработку рекомендаций по проблемным вопросам в области обеспечения единства измерений в целях регулирования деятельности в области обеспечения единства измерений.

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