Gas analysis complex SGK-510 SOLER for accounting and control of emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere




  1. Comprehensive information and analytical support for the process of monitoring standards for maximum allowable emissions into the atmosphere;
  2. Uninterrupted operation of the system when burning high-ash coal with a high sulfur content;
  3. Measurement of the content of CO, SO2 in flue gases;
  4. Heated sampling lines and probes;
  5. Displaying the status of the measured values ​​in real time;
  6. Maintenance of perpetual archives on the state of the measured values;
  7. Provide data transfer to the automated process control system of boilers No. 1,2,3 with the current values ​​of SO2 and CO concentrations via an analog output of 4-20 mA.




  1. The equipment of the gas analysis system is built on the basis of gas analyzers ULTRAMAT 6 manufactured by SIEMENS;
  2. Visualization of the system is developed taking into account the requirements of the customer;
  3. Transfer of information to the automatic process control system of boiler units No. 1,2,3 about the current values of SO2 and CO concentrations in the measured sample via an analog output of 4-20 mA is provided;
  4. Complete set of calibration tools, spare parts and consumables for 2 years of operation;
  5. Performed installation supervision and commissioning;
  6. Conducted staff training.




  1. Data from SGK-510 SOLER are used to optimize the automation of the combustion mode of boiler units No. 1,2,3, which helps to reduce the SO2 content in flue gases and, as a result, reduce its destructive effect on gas ducts and analytical equipment installed in them;
  2. Thus, SGK-510 SOLER, selected to solve problems at the Novo-Ziminskaya CHPP of a technological nature, allowed not only to increase the technical and economic indicators of the station, but also partially solve the issue posed by 219 Federal Law "On Environmental Protection" in the field of production control of pollutant emissions
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