JSC "ArcelorMittal" Temirtau

Gas analysis complex SGK-510 SOLER for monitoring the composition of the atmosphere in the CBN furnace THO ANGA TsGTSA




  1. Comprehensive information-analytical and technological control over the composition of the atmosphere of the THW furnace in the areas of CBN, KD and transitional vestibule;
  2. Measurements of the content of CO, CO₂, O₂, H₂ in the atmosphere of the furnace in the zone of CBN, PB and transition tambour at five sampling points;
  3. Sample transportation lines;
  4. Displaying the status of the measured values in real time;
  5. Maintenance of unlimited archives of measured values;
  6. Issuance of alarms when the limit values of technological parameters are reached.




  1. The equipment of the gas analysis system is built on the basis of gas analyzers ULTRAMAT 23 and Calomat6E manufactured by SIEMENS;
  2. Conducting a survey of the facility, performing basic and detailed engineering;
  3. Visualization of the system is developed taking into account the requirements of the customer;
  4. Personal computers were used as operator stations;
  5. Ensuring uninterrupted power supply of the system;
  6. Turnkey installation, commissioning.



  1. The data obtained is used to control the firing process in each zone of the CBN furnace.
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