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Gas analysis complex SGK-510 SOLER for accounting and control of emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere




  1. Comprehensive information and analytical support for the process of monitoring standards for maximum allowable emissions into the atmosphere;
  2. Measurement of the content of CO, CO2, NO, NO2, SO2, O2 in flue gases;
  3. Measurement of the volume and mass concentration of the dust-gas mixture after the smoke exhauster;
  4. Heated sampling lines;
  5. Heated sampling probes with backflush function;
  6. Displaying the status of the measured values in real time;
  7. Maintenance of perpetual archives on the state of the measured values.




  1. The equipment of the gas analysis system is built on the basis of ULTRAMAT 23 gas analyzers manufactured by SIEMENS Ethernet interface;
  2. Visualization of the system is developed taking into account the requirements of the customer;
  3. Personal computers were used as operator stations;
  4. Turnkey installation, commissioning




  1. The system allows you to solve the tasks set by the Technical Regulations of the Republic of Kazakhstan "Requirements for emissions into the environment during the combustion of various types of fuel in boilers of thermal power plants"
  2. The obtained data is used to adjust the technological process, which allows saving fuel due to the optimal maintenance of the air / fuel ratio, achieving high energy efficiency in production.
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