Sampling probe

Mounted on the pipeline/gas duct and consists of: - unheated sampling tube (with a mechanical filter); - a heated ceramic sample pre-filter in a protective stainless steel case; - back purge system for automatic cleaning of the probe with nitrogen or air with receiver and compressor included.

Temperature measurement sensors

Temperature measurement sensors for subsequent normalization/

Pressure sensors

Pressure measurement sensors for subsequent normalization/

Moisture Meter SOLER

Automatic stationary device of continuous operation, designed for remote measurement of moisture concentration in gas mixtures and data transmission to recording devices and a personal computer.

Ultrasonic Volumetric Flow Measurement System

Two identical sensors alternately transmit and receive ultrasonic pulses. The flow velocity is calculated exactly from the difference in travel time depending on the direction. In parallel, the flow rate is calculated taking into account the cross section of the chimney, the temperature and the absolute pressure of the gas.


ASM SGK-510 information-measuring system for environmental and technological control of flue gases

Control system

RS-485 -Communication device


PTK-software and technical complex ASM SKG -510

APCS of the enterprise
AWP ecology

AWP ecology is a software and hardware complex designed to automate data transfer

State environmental authority monitoring

GSM - GSM module for data transmission to the controlling authority

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