Since 2017, the newly installed environmental monitoring systems have been equipped with the SOLER ON-LINE remote access and diagnostic system.


Now our Customers have the opportunity to completely entrust us with the maintenance of SGK-510. The system allows our service department to monitor the operation of the equipment online.


SOLER ON-LINE allows you to detect and notify you in advance in a form convenient for you (phone call, e-mail, etc.):


  • about the need to replace replaceable filters for cleaning the sample;
  • on the need to remove accumulated water in the condensate collector;
  • about the need to replace the replaceable tubes of the peristaltic pump;
  • about possible failures in the system, etc.


That is, we can completely take over the maintenance of your complex remotely and carry out the departure of our specialist only if necessary! Ensuring 100% performance of your equipment in any production conditions.


*To install the system on complexes manufactured earlier than 2017 or on complexes of third-party production, please contact us

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