Intelligent Feeder Assemblies

Intelligent feeder assembly (IFS) is designed to implement the connection of actuators with electric drive of reversible and non-reversible design.

The IFS is built on the basis of SIEMENS SimocodePro equipment, which provides communication between the automation system and the engine power circuit, increases the availability of the equipment and at the same time provides significant savings in installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance of the installation.

See how it works automatic system
monitoring industrial elections

The environmental monitoring system, designed for industrial enterprises and environmental laboratories, is designed and manufactured according to the requirements of each Customer

At the same time, we guarantee full compliance with the requirements:

Environmental Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated January 2, 2021 № 400-VI

Federal Law № 39-FZ of March 9, 2021 "On Amendments to the Federal Law "On Environmental Protection" of the Russian Federation"

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