Promanalit LLP: delivery, maintenance, repair, calibration and verification of gas analyzers.

Our products and services may be of interest to you if your professional activity is related to the following areas:

  • production (state) analytical control of the industrial emission sources;
  • technological setting of the fuel combustion plants in order to optimize the combustion process and fuel saving;
  • analytical control of the working place (sanitary protection zone) air;
  • certification of working places;
  • environmental monitoring of ambient air.

To solve your measuring tasks we offer you the necessary equipment:

portable and fixed gas analyzers to monitor the content of main pollutants and hazardous substances - О2, СО, NO, NO2, SO2, H2S, NH3, CH4, C3H8, С6Н14.

  • in the emissions of the industrial enterprises;
  • in the air of the working area;
  • in the ambient air.

Having the entire technical base, we are ready to provide professional services in maintenance, repair and periodic verification of the gas analyzers in the course of operation. We are able to service a variety of devices of various domestic and foreign manufacturers.

With years of relevant experience of our professionals, we are ready to give you advice and practical assistance on any technical, metrological and methodological issues related to your analytical equipment operation.